Other Resources

Along with the Climate Pathways and a Just Transition for South Africa project team, there are a number of other organisations, groups and individuals that are working on the Just Transition in South Africa. Please find below a compilation of some of the social, technical and finance research and perspectives on the Just Transition.

Disclaimer: The following resources and perspectives are listed because they may be of interest for business. The views, opinions, positions or strategies expressed by these organisations are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions or strategies of the NBI, our project partners or our funders. We aim to present links to research and perspectives that are rigorous, peer reviewed and relevant to business.

Presidential Climate Commission (PCC)

Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS) Just Transition Knowledge Portal

Establishing a credible fact base is paramount for designing and implementing an evidence-based just transition. To allow easy access to a growing body of work on just transition, TIPS has curated relevant content into an open knowledge portal. The portal provides short summaries as well as key findings and recommendations from a diversity of reports, strategies, videos and podcasts, please click here to access the portal.

Climate Investment Fund Just Transition project

Through a series of country case studies, CIF is exploring and guiding how just transitions can be achieved alongside the transformational change necessary to address climate change in diverse contexts. For more information on this project, please click here.

UCT Energy Systems Research Group

The Energy Systems Research Group (ESRG) at the University of Cape Town combines modelling of energy and economic systems with policy analysis and field-based research, to generate and enhance knowledge of energy systems at sectoral, regional, national and sub-continental scales, focused on South Africa and the SADC region. The ESRG team is working on a number of projects relevant to the Just Transition in South Africa. For more information on their projects, please click here.

To access their report on the Socio-economic considerations for a Paris Agreement-compatible coal transition in South Africa, please click here.

Meridian Economics and CSIR

The Meridian Economics team is partnering with the CSIR on “The South African Energy Transition” project, which aims to undertake analysis and engage in stakeholder and media engagements to contribute to the public discourse on the energy transition in South Africa. This will further support policy and regulatory decisions that accelerate this process. For more information on their work under this and other projects, please click here.

WITS Centre for Researching Education and Labour

One of the key areas of research of this group is looking at skills and skills ecosystems for a just transition in a time of increasing inequality. Environmental, social and economic justice are intersecting struggles, and have a direct impact on economic growth; social wellbeing and the world of work.

The research team investigates what types of substantive, transformative, and systemic change is needed for a just transition; how work is changing; and the ways in which education and training rupture and reproduce inequalities.

All of these shape vocational educational and training (VET), and education and training in turn impact on all of them.

For more information on the research findings and publication, please click here.