Investment need

In response to the growing threat of climate change, countries around the world are figuring out how to decarbonize their economies, in line with recommendations from the scientific community, to net zero emissions by 2050. More and more countries, including the world’s largest economies and many of South Africa’s trading partners are either committing to or signaling their intention to reach net zero by mid-century.

In order to thrive in a low carbon world and to build resilience to the predicted effects of climate change, South Africa needs to decarbonize its economy too. Business recognises the need for greater ambition to position the country as an attractive investment destination and increase the chances of accessing green economic stimulus and funding packages.

In order to support business through providing a solid research base, the NBI has developed “A GUIDE FOR SOUTH AFRICAN CEOS” which contains everything that you need to know about ambition in the South African context.